Image Masking 2 - Mask Image   Video 8 min

1. Open Includes_Image_Masking.

2. You will need a data folder called "Site_Disturbance" that has waves with image names and top and bottom depths of the

disturbed intervals. (See the video "Image Masking 1 - Mark Disturbance" for details.)

3. If not done already, the core images must be re-dimensioned to 4 layers. After adding a fourth layer the images will

become transparent. Run RestoreFullImage to make the images opaque again.

4. Run MaskCoreImages

5. Select a value for transparency from 0 = transparent to 255 = opaque.

6. When plotting, change the graph background color to better see the bad intervals.




The function automatically makes sure that the images are in the mbsf/CSF depth scale.


RestoreFullImage works whether the images are in mbsf or mcd scales.