CODD - Code for Ocean Drilling Data

The CODD package of macros is designed to aid in the visualization and analysis of data collected during ocean drilling cruises. Modules include image and data plotting and splicing, age model development, special dedicated macros for site-to-site correlation, and soon to be added tuning and spectral analysis. Go the the Download page to get a copy of the macros and a User Guide. Check other pages on this site for some examples of different functions.

To view these examples full size put the cursor on an image and click the "expand" icon.

CODD macros are free to all and the developers of CODD assume no responsibility for their use or mis-use. CODD is based on the IGOR Pro data analysis package from Wavemetrics. A full functioned free 30 day trial is available. The creators of CODD chose IGOR for its graphical user interface and have no connection to Wavemetrics Inc.