Image Masking 1 - Mark Disturbance   Video 6 min

1. Open Includes_Image_Masking.

2. Run MarkDisturbance.  

3. Select the folder holding the core mages.

4. Select the first image to examine.

5. Move the A Cursor to the top of a disturbed interval and the B Cursor to the bottom and then click "Continue" in the panel.

If there is no area of disturbance simply select "Continue" without moving the cursors and go to the next core.

6. Click "Cancel" to stop the function.



We use mbsf/CSF for identifying bad core because the mbsf depth scale will not change while the shifted depth scales (mcd/CCSF) may be changed one or more times during subsequent research.


Disturbance data are kept in a separate data folder named "Site_Disturbance".


You may identify more than one area in a core as disturbed.


Once the disturbance data waves are created, you can add depths and descriptions of disturbance from the shipboard core descriptions.