UnPacked - The Files   Video 10 min


Unpacked experiments consist of an Experiment File and an Experiment Folder.


The Experiment File is an ascii file that can be opened using a text editor. It contains all of the instructions Igor needs to open an experiment and load data and procedures.


Graph macros for graphs and tables that were open when the experiment was closed may be found at the bottom of the Experiment File.


The Experiment Folder contains all data and procedures that are not shared from external locations. The data are saved as binary files and procedures as text.


There are 2 text files in the folder: Procedure and History.

Procedure contains any saved graphs and any user functions local to the experiment.

History is simply a copy of the history scroll above the command line box.



Sometimes an open graph will prevent you from opening an experiment. You may cut the graph macro out of the bottom of the Experiment File to solve the problem.


You can open History and Procedure using Igor’s File/Open File/Notebook.Open