UnPacked - Move Experiment   Video 7 min


Moving unpacked experiments from one computer to another can be fraught with problems. There are 2 ways to approach it:


Method 1: Use Adopt All. Hold down the shift key before opening the Igor File menu and you will see Adopt All in the middle of the menu. 

Adopt All will load copies of any shared data into the experiment. Do not adopt the User Procedures.


Method 2: Open a New Experiment.

1. Use Browse Expt - on the left side of the Data Browser - to open the problematic experiment folder. You will need to hold down the Option Key when selecting Browse Expt for a folder on your hard drive - experiment folder or other.

2. Copy data into the new experiment

3. For those data that were shared from outside the experiment, use the normal method of loading Igor binaries (see Igor Binary Loading tutorial).

4. Use a text editor to open the Procedure file and copy any saved graph macros or user procedures. Paste them into the new experiment Procedure Window.

5. If there were graphs open in the problem experiment but not saved as graph macros in Procedures, use a text editor to open the Experiment file and copy the missing graph macro from the bottom of the file.