Splice 5 - Images & Lines   Video 5 min


1. Run SpliceImages to create a spliced image for the Site. User selects the depth scaling of the resulting image. For analysis we tend to use 1 or 2 mm. 

2. A spliced image is created in the root: directory. It is named after the Site plus “_Splice”.

3. Run CoreImage_Multiplot and check “Y” to leave space for the spliced image. If the image already exists, it will automatically be plotted along with the core images.

4. Run Add_CoreTags to add core identifiers to the core images.

5. Run Calculate_Splice_Lines to create a new folder in the DataBrowser named with the Site plus “_Splice_Lines”.

6. Run Plot_Splice_Lines to add vertical lines to the plot which indicate the location of the tops ( yellow ) and bottoms ( red ) of the various intervals making up the spliced image.



Be sure images are CCSF (mcd) scaled before running SpliceImages. 

For publication of whole-site images it isn’t necessary to create such a high-resolution spliced image. The splicing process will run faster as well.