Splice 4 - Data & Colors   Video 7 min


1. Run SpliceData to create spliced data waves. The spliced data are in the same format as the data from individual holes using “S” as the hole designation ( e.g. U1338S_GRA_GRA is the spliced GRA data wave).

2. Run Data_MultiPlot, including the “S” hole, to compare the splice to individual hole data.

3. Run MakeSpliceColorWave to select different colors for the plot of the data from different Holes. The colors of the spliced wave will reflect the holes from which a section was derived. 



Once a color wave has been created using Step #3 above, you can apply the colors to the same data in any subsequent plot. Check the video at 5:00 to see where the color wave is stored and how to apply it.