Splice 3 - Lore Data Load   Video 6 min


1. Load Includes_SpliceDataLoaders from the Includes folder on your hard drive.


2. Open the LIMS website and select Stratigraphic Correlation.


3. Select List of Splice Interval Tables.


4. From the list, download either Splice Interval or Splice Tie Data (or both) to a .csv file(s). Data files are named with the Site, followed by either “_sit_” ( site interval table ) or “_stpt” ( site tie point table ).


5. Run LORE_SpliceTieLoader to load splice tie data. Run LORE_SpliceIntervalLoader to load the interval data. New folders will be created for each type of data in the Data Browser.


7. Run Splice_Tie_Table or Splice_Interval_Table from either the CODD_Image or CODD_Data menus to display the data.



Some of the newer splicing functions require Splice Intervals. Older functions may allow the user to choose between formats.

Run Splice_Tie_Data_2_Intervals to create a folder of Splice Intervals from the Splice Tie data.

Run Splice_Interval_Data_2_Ties to create a folder of Splice Ties from the Splice Interval data.