Splice 2 - JANUS Data Load   Video 10 min


1. Load Includes_SpliceDataLoaders from the Includes folder on your hard drive.


2. Open the JANUS website and select Stratigraphy Splices.


3. Select Splice Tie Points as the OutPut Format.


4. Copy the data from the website, including the header line.


5. Open an Empty_JANUS_DataTable and paste the data. If you get an error because “CT” is used twice in the header, delete the first occurrence in the data loading table.


6. Run JANUS_SpliceTieLoader to load the splice data into a new data folder in the Browser. 


7. Run Splice_Tie_Table from either the CODD_Image or CODD_Data menus to display the data.


8. You will need to complete the bottom line on the lefthand side of the table to include the bottom of the final splice section. Watch the video at about 4:30 for an easy way to do this.




Run Splice_Tie_Data_2_Intervals to create a folder of Splice Intervals from the Splice Tie data.

Splice Interval data in JANUS appear to have a systematic error and it is recommended not to use it. If you load it, be sure to check the first Hole against original sources.