NGDC DataLoaders   Video 6 min

1. Open an experiment and load the basic CODD menus

2. From the Includes_Files folder, open NGDC_DataLoaders.

3. Open the NGDC database and select data from a single hole.

4. Under the NGDC menu, select EmptyNGDCDataTable.

5. Copy/Paste the data (including headers) into the empty table.

6. Run the appropriate DataLoader from the NGDC menu.

7.Repeat for each hole. A new folder containing the data appears in the DataBrowser. 



DSDP used a different Hole naming convention than subsequent ODP and IODP coring. In DSDP the first Hole had no letter designation while subsequent holes began with “A”. So, for example, Holes at Site U572 are Hole U572, Hole U572A, Hole U572B. As a default, we rename the first holes with an “X” e.g. U572X.


GRA data are in an unusual format. You need to exclude the headers when data are copied to the empty table.