QS Loading Existing Offsets   Video 8 min


1. Open an experiment and load the basic CODD menus

2. Load or create ( see video ) coring matrices

 3. From the LORE database select “Stratigraphic Correlation/List of Affine Tables”.

 4. Select the Expedition and then click “View Data”.

 5. Download and open the Affine Table for the relevant Site.

 6. Parse the offsets for each hole and copy/paste them into separate waves in an empty table.

 7. Rename the waves with the Hole + “_Offsets”, e.g. U1338A_Offsets.

 8. Add a NaN to the top (Point 0) of each offset wave so that the point numbers of the offsets

         are the same as the core numbers.

 9. Run Add_Offsets_2_Matrix under the “CODD_Data/Processing” or “CODD_Image/Processing”

        submenu for each Hole.

 10. The 3d layer of the matrices are now populated by mcd/CCSF depths.



Once the matrices have been updated use “CODD_Image/CSF_2_CCSF” to apply CCSF/mcd depths to images.

 Use “CODD_Data/Calculate_CCSF_Wave” to create a wave of offset depths for wave data such as GRA or MS.