Initializing an experiment:  Video - 3 minutes


1. Download CODD Functions from  Store in safe place on hard drive.

2. Make aliases of the entire CODD Functions Folder and the CODD_Help and Includes_CODD_Menus files.

3. Place the Functions folder alias in Documents/WaveMetrics/User Procedures.

4. Place Help alias in Documents/WaveMetrics/Help Files.

5. Place the Menus alias on the desktop or other convenient place.

6. Open IGOR Pro.

7. Open Includes_CODD_Menus by double clicking the alias.

8. Click “Compile” under the Macros menu to bring up the CODD_Data, CODD_Image, and CODD_Functions menus.

9. Use “Load_Shared_Data” under the “External_InOut” submenu to load coring matrices. If the coring matrices haven’t been formed, go to the instructions for creating them.




Once you have the coring matrices and the basic functions loaded you are ready to load data or images. Videos and quick step instructions are available for both.