Image Plots - Depth 2 Age   Video 9 min 


The Depth 2 Age functions require an age model - that is - 2 waves of monotonically increasing depth and age. You can use AgeDepthFit to form an age model curve from raw age-depth data (e.g. PMAG and Nannos).


1. Run ImageDepth2Age  to create an Age image in the selected data folder.

2. To plot a non-linear Age scale on a plot of an image vs depth, first run CalculateAgeTicks.

3. With a graph of the image open and active (top), run AddAge2DepthPlot to plot an age scale on the top axis.

4. To change the number of ticks, rerun CalculateAgeTicks.

5. Run RemoveAgeTicks to remove the ticks from the plot.




Normally we use CCSF for the age model, so be sure to use a CCSF depth wave when forming an age wave.


Once the Age ticks have been created, they can be applied to any plot without running CalculateAgeTicks. 


If age ticks are plotted on multiple graphs, they will change in every graph if the number of ticks are recalculated. If you have a graph with ticks that you want to keep, change the names of the appropriate Tick waves in the Xtras/AgeTicks folder and then save the graph. The graph macro will reflect the new names. When you rerun CalculateAgeTicks again, the default tick waves will be created anew.