Image Load/Assemble - Cropped Images   Video 8 min


1. Open an experiment and load the basic CODD menus

2. From the Includes_Files folder, open Includes_Core_Image_Assembly. A new submenu named “Image_Assembly” is opened at the bottom of the “CODD_Image” menu.

3. Download cropped images from LIMS and store images from each hole in separate folders.

4. Run BatchLoadAssembleImages under the “CODD_Image/Image_Assembly” submenu. Do not keep the K files and do not use lighting correction.

5. A new data folder in the DataBrowser contains the core images. 




Data are generally all stored inn a single data folder for each Site, but images are given separate data folders for each Hole.


When counting spaces to determine where the core number and section number are positioned in the file names, remember to start counting at zero (0).


The batch routine needs to be run separately for cores 1 - 9 and cores 10 & above.