Generic Data Loading  Video 9 min


1. Open an experiment and load the basic CODD menus.

2. Create a new data folder in the Data Browser and name it for the data to be loaded. Make the new folder the Current data folder. The arrow should be pointing to the new folder in the Browser.

3. Under the Igor Data menu choose Load Waves.

4. For most data select either an Excel File or a Delimited Text file.

5. Load the data into a table.

6. Rename the waves using the CODD naming protocol (see notes below).

7. Delete any waves that were not renamed.

8. If there are more files with the same format - repeat steps 2 & 3 above, then copy from History the ReName command lines for the previous data file and use Replace under the Igor Edit menu to change whatever is different (most commonly changing hole ID).




Image Folders are named using Hole_S1/S2, with S1 used for full resolution images and S2 used for reduced size images. Examples U1334A_S1, U851B_S2. Each hole has a separate folder.


Images are defined simply by Hole_CoreNumber. Core numbers less than 10 need a lead 0 Reduced-size images that are used for most plotting purposes have a prefix (“S2_”) added e.g. S2_U1334A_02 or S2_U851B_12. The prefix is added when the function to create small images is run or when the core image is initially constructed from section images.


Data Folders are defined by Site_Technique

Examples U1333_MS, U848_XRF, U807_GRA

Data waves must be stored in folders that are identified by the technique. Unlike the images, data of the same Technique from all holes are kept in the same folder.


Data are defined by Hole_Technique_DataInformation. 

Examples: U1338A_RSC_AStar, U1338A_GRA_GRA, U1220A_MS_Core. 

Users may define Technique and Data any way they wish, but the Technique name cannot have an underscore because many of our functions use the first 2 underscores to define the Hole and Technique for further processing. 


The DataInformation part of the data waves uses the words “Site”, “Core”, “Section”, and “Interval”. These are specific and if something other is used, e.g. “Sect” instead of “Section” or “Int” for “Interval”, some of the functions will not run.