Data Plots - Basic   Video 6 min


1. Open an experiment and load the basic CODD menus

2. Run NewDataPlot to create a new graph of a single data wave. User selects data, axes (Left or Right, Top or Bottom), depth or age type (e.g. CSF, CCSF, MyBP, etc), and the name of the X axis (generally default to either “Depth” or “Age”).

3. Run AppendData to add data to an existing plot. User input is pretty much the same as NewDataPlot.

4. Run Data_MultiPlot to plot multiple data waves on a single graph. It can be used for both New plots and appending to existing plots. The list of Holes used for the input must be separated by semicolons (Not Commas!).

5. Run Browser_Plot as a quick & dirty way to plot 2 waves that have been selected in the DataBrowser.