Data Sharing   Video 10 min


Experiments may be saved in either Packed (.pxp) or UnPacked (.uxp) formats.


The UnPacked format features a small .uxp file containing instructions for loading the experiment and a folder holding the data and several text files including History and Procedures. Data in the folder is available for sharing in other experiments.


The Packed format has a single .pxp file containing the entire experiment. Waves that are formed in a packed experiment are not available for sharing by other experiments, although they can be copied using the “Browse Expt” button on the Data Browser.


Shared Data are data that are used in multiple experiments. If you change those data in any one of those experiments, that change will be reflected in all the experiments that share them.



You can set the default format for saving new experiments using the Igor Misc menu:

                               Misc/Miscellaneous Settings/Experiment/…


There is another video discussing a few things to be aware of when using UnPacked experiments.