Data Editing - Cursors   Video 7 min

1. Open an experiment and load the basic CODD menus

2. From the Includes_Files folder, open Includes_Data_Editing.

3. Display the data - either from a single Hole (NewDataPlot) or an entire site (Data_MultiPlot).

4. Place Cursor A on a bad data point.

5. Run either Avg_Replace or NaN_Replace to replace individual data points with either a local average value or with a NaN.

5. Place Cursors A & B on the data to define an interval that you want to replace with NaN’s.

6. Run NaNsBetweenCursors to replace data between the cursors. Cursor A needs to be at the top ( shallowest ) point in the interval.

7. Run Undo_ NaNsBetweenCursors to undo step # 6.



Undo_ NaNsBetweenCursors resets the data to where it was immediately before NaNsBetweenCursors was run. That means that if you do subsequent editing and then run the Undo function you will lose those edits.

When using Avg_Replace or NaN_Replace you can edit multiple data points by continuing to hold down the shortcut function keys. The cursor will advance through the data.