Creating a Coring Matrix - Generic  Video  5 min


1. Open an experiment and load the basic CODD menus

 2. From the Includes_Files folder, open Includes_Coring_Matrix.

 3. Open an empty table and paste core/section data. You will need these 4 data columns - core,

        section, depth to top of section, and section length. They can have any name.

 4. Run Create_Coring_Matrix from the CODD_Coring_Matrix menu.

 5. Identify the 4 data waves. Enter the Hole (remember to use a “U” before the hole designation

      even for the older sites, e.g.U964A) and the ‘section’ number to use for CC’s (usually 9).

 6. After the matrix is created delete the original data waves, leaving only the matrix.



Occasionally the first core of a Hole consists of only a core catcher. This will produce an error message telling you to change the CC in the first line of the data to the section number you are using for core catchers.