QS CoreTableImage 4 Cutting Sections   Video 17 min


1. Run SelectTableImageFolder to select the folder with the corrected core table images (CorrCTI).

2. Run Load_Corrected_Photo to bring up an image.

3. Run Set_Section_Ends to use the B Cursor to define the X location of each section bottom.

4. Use Cursors A & B to measure the width of a section by aligning their crosshairs with the top and bottom of the section. You will need to enter the value in the next step.

5. Position the A Cursor at the lower left corner of Section 1 and run Section_Cut. Continue until all of the sections have been cut. Remember that the Core Catcher is usually designated Section 9.

6. Run Assemble_Core_Image to create a single core image from the section images.


You can use ImageTrim to trim to trim some pixels from the top and bottom of a core image if you want to hide ragged edges.



Core table images downloaded from JANUS are PDF’s. Unfortunately, Igor only opens PDF’s at a low resolution. To get around this limitation we convert the PDF’s to 300 dpi JPEGS and load the JPEG’s into CODD. Acrobat and other similar apps allow for batch conversions to keep life simple.

Load_Core_Photo can be used to directly load an external JPEG into the section cutting routine. Use this if you don’t want to apply lighting correction to the image.

Cut out sections from an individual Core are labelled as “K_….” waves. Each Core has a separate folder of “K_” section images.

Section images carry the coordinates used to cut them in a wave note.