CoreTableImage 2  Grid   Video 10 min


1. Before loading a core table image, check the coring matrix and select one of the cores with the most sections (usually 7). Often the first core is shorter because of coring the waterline.

2. Run Load_Core_Photo to open a core table JPEG.

To set up the grid

3. Place the A Cursor at the start of where you want a line of grid points.

4. Run GridSetUp. The coordinates of the first point in the line of points are recorded in the new waves WaveX and WaveY in the Data Browser

5. Use the Right or Left Arrow Key to shift the A Cursor to the next grid point. Run GridSetUp again to record the next grid point. Continue until 1 line of grid points is formed.

6. Move the B Cursor to a level where you want another row. Run Add_Rows_CsrB to form a new line of grid points.

7. Run DeleteCsrAPoint to delete any grid points that you don’t want.

8. Run CoreTableCorrection to make a new corrected core table image.



Core table images downloaded from JANUS are PDF’s. Unfortunately, Igor only opens PDF’s at a low resolution. To get around this limitation we convert the PDF’s to 300 dpi JPEGS and load the JPEG’s into CODD. Acrobat and other similar apps allow for batch conversions to keep life simple.

Holding down the Shift Key makes the cursor move faster when Arrow Keys are used.

Using arrow keys to set the grid points is essential in keeping rows of the grid at the same Y level.

If a single grid point falls on a dark pixel - like a ruler tick - the lighting correction function will ignore it as a spike. Multiple instances in succession may cause a problem.