Adding Offsets - Images   Video 5 min


1. Open an experiment and load the basic CODD menus

2. With both the correct coring matrix and offset wave, run Add_Offsets_2_Matrix.

3. Check the bottom layer of the coring matrix to be sure that the offset depths to the tops of sections were calculated.

4. Run Image_CSF_2_CCSF to change the image depths from mbsf ( CSF ) to mcd ( CCSF ).

5. Run Image_CCSF_2_CSF to return to mbsf depths.

6. A wavenote is created when running either #4 or #5 above identifying which depth scale is current. 



There should be no value in the top ( Point 0 ) line of the offset table. Cores are identified by line number, so Core 1 offset is in Line 1 of the table.


Depth or age registration is built into each individual image. You can read the top depth and depth resolution of each core image in the information box at the base of the Data Browser.