Adding Offsets - Data   Video 6 min


1. Open an experiment and load the basic CODD menus

2. With both the correct coring matrix and offset wave, run Add_Offsets_2_Matrix.

3. Run Calculate_CCSF_Wave to create a shifted depth wave with user specified depth type like CCSF, mcd, rmcd, or whatever.

4. Aa additional depth wave is created.



There should be no value in the top ( Point 0 ) line of the offset table. Cores are identified by line number, so Core 1 offset is in Line 1 of the table.


You can create and plot the data against multiple depth waves as long as the depth types are named differently. So if you have different offsets from different sources, you might name the resultant waves with, for instance, _CCSFwilkens and _CCSFdrury.