Images 1 - Scaling   Video 3 min


Scaling of core images is set to CSFA (mbsf) when the images are loaded. Scaling in either Depth or Age is internal to Igor images. CODD core images may be depth scaled as either original driller’s depth (mbsf, CSFA) or the splice depth (mcd, CCSFA) shifted by each Hole’s Offsets.


1. Run Image_CSF_2_CCSF to shift core images from driller depth to splice depth.


2. Run Image_CCSF_2_CSF to shift core images from splice depth to driller depth.



In the Information window of the DataBrowser you will find the starting depth and depth scaling for each core image. At the bottom of the Information window a wavenote will tell you whether the image is currently using CSF or CCSF scales.